Does this Device/Software Exist?

I admit I’m a dummy when it comes to Apple/Ipad/IOS (other than what I’ve learned through iTunes).  Of the ways to play content through my WDTVLIVEPLUS, I like Windows Media Player 12 “Play To” the best.  There is another advantage that has a very strong backing in my house –  the UI is easier for my wife to work than the UI on WDTV. 

Yes, I can control WMP 12 on my laptop/windows 7, but I have a rather bulky ACER with a  pretty large screen.  What would be ideal would be to control WMP 12 — or an equivalent media server ---- through a tablet or iPad sized device with a touchscreen, user friendly UI.  I am not interested in “streaming media” to the tablet/IPad device — I am interested in using it to control and selectt the stream of media going to my WDTV, which is hooked to my home theater system.  Currently, I have two WDTVLIVEPLUS units, a wireless N network and everything soft is Microsoft.

There seems to be a dearth of Windows 7 touchscreen hardware and what is out there is very $$$$ expensive, and I understand none of the Ixxx stuff is DLNA compliant.  Is there any combination of hardware and software that will do what I want it to do?

ZappoTV for the iPod/iPad/iPhone.

This looks like just what I want.  Thanks, Tony.