Install fail MyCloud Desktop v.

I have been waiting for this new update, because I was unable to install the update before that…
As I try to install this new version, it says the same as before… “Failed to installl - Contact WD” (see picture)

The “funny” thing is, that when I bought the MyCloud, I downloaded the MyCloud Desktop and everything worked fine. Then there was an update, and it was tricky to install… With Microsoft FixIt the old version was uninstalled, and the new installed. And then everything worked fine again.
Some time hereafter, I had to format my computer, and as I wanted to install the MyCloud Desktop again, it was not possible… I have talked to WD, and they have suggested many things, which I have tried. Nothing works!

Therefore I hope there is someone out there, who has had the same problem, and/or has a solution to this problem, as it is very unsettling having a MyCloud and not being able to use it!

Thanx :slight_smile:

If the application refuses to install then the best alternative is to try a previous version. Do you have the original installation package available? On the meanwhile you can manually access your WD My Cloud by navigating the network on Windows Explorer or using its IP address.


It is not possible to find earlier versions online… I asked WD, and they won’t send me a previous version…
The original installation package was dowmloaded from WD’s homepage back when I bought the MyCloud, and I don’t have those files anymore.

In Network I tried to access the MyCloud, but I have never been able to find out, which password it wants me to type in! I have tried ALL passwords that I have ever used, and the ususally “1234”, “admin” etc…
This is how far I can get (see picture)

So thanx, but it does not change my situation :frowning:

Public shares should not ask for passwords. Try deleting all Windows credentials from your system’s control panel as it would appear the computer believes your WD My Cloud to be a domain.


Dear Trancer…

I don’t know where you are right now, but I just sent you the biggest man-hug of all time!!
Such a [Deleted] little thing needed to be changed, and I was too dumb to find it out myself…

SO, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now I can finally watch my movies wireless again :smiley:

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