Help With My Cloud Software Download and Install

For some reason when I run the WD cloud program that I have installed on my computer and says that their is a software update available which I try to download and install. The current version that I have is and I am trying to install is version What happens is I keep getting a error message that the signature of wdmycloud-win.exe is corrupt or invalid and I can’t complete the download and install of this software. The site that I am trying to download this from is I did try the compatibility troubleshooter program in windows 10 and this software will not work or may put my computer at risk. Please fix this ASAP.


You can try uninstalling the one that you have and try downloading the latest version from the support web site.

Link to downloads page.

I have exactly the same problem on a new computer that did not have an old version of the program. When download finishes, it comes up saying that the file is corrupt or invalid - I’m talking about the WD My Cloud Desktop App