Indexing 1TB of data 4 days - restsdk-server at 80%


my WD My Cloud Gen 2 after update has been indexing my HD for more than 4 days already ( 1TB of data ) and overall the unit seems occupied.

Processes shows ‘restsdk-server’ and ‘top’ is eating 80% of the CPU resource.

Can you help me to deactivate Indexing which I do not need?

PS: after a reboot, the device is basically unresponsive. occasionally I can get into the menu but then it becomes unresponsive again.

@vendo232, Please find the below points

  1. All of your content will still be accessible from PC locally using SMB or AFP.
    How To Map a WD Network Drive on Windows 10

  2. Accessing content from mobile and web apps will require cloud access turned on and content indexed

  3. Turning off cloud access,

  • will disable access to web and mobile apps access

  • will disable indexing

My Cloud OS 5: How To Disable and Enable My Cloud Indexing and Media Services

  1. You can turn off web and mobile app access for individual shares
    My Cloud OS 5: User Share Indexing

  2. Depending on the amount of content on your device, indexing can take from a couple of days to multiple days.

  3. Rebooting the device will not stop indexing, but will continue to index and may add delays

Thank you, I have disabled Cloud and it helped.

– - - yes; disabling the cloud access stops indexing; but it also disables one of the biggest features of the OS/5 upgrade.

I think the real issue is;

  • Indexing is too slow.
  • Indexing should not be on a share-by-share basis. You should only index chosen directories.

I would like to recommend a modification to the software such that you can chose which directories within a share are subject to indexing/thumbnail generation and which ones have access without thumbnails.

Note that I don’t need to have the nas rescanning EVERY file I transfer into a given share. I really don’t need it to try to generate thumbnails for every piece of music; every photo; every video on the drive. Worse; it really doesn’t need to attempt thumbnails for every excel file or PDF on the drive.

Now. . .I could potentially put all the files I want indexed into a separate share, but that seems . . . . suboptimal. What that would lead to is shares like “User A indexed files” “User A non-indexed files” and so on for each user. Much easier to say “Only index Photos folder for 2020 on this share”; and call it a day.

I face this often with Twonky servers. . .it tries to index music and whatnot EVERYWHERE on the drive. . .including backups; working folders; ringtones. . . . EVERYTHING. The result is a disorganized mess. And it takes alot of time.

My solution to this twonky problem was simply: Go into the configuration and point the software to the nicely organized “Music” folder. It then gives a nice result and ignores all the random crud on the drive.

Thank you for listening. Have a nice day.

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I unfortunately took the steps to upgrade to OS5 and now i am regretting it. Here is why:
Since i have upgraded it is indexing 8tb of both hard drives. If i turn off *Mobile & Web APP Access, then my share disappear from the cloud app. This is utterly nonsense!
Instead it should have a functionality that we could turn indexing off while still be able to access the folders using the app cloud app. It really defeats the purpose. AND cannot even see any sort of progress bar as to how much is done or how much is left!

Warning everyone what once you upgrade it will index the harddrives which could take days and if you disable indexing you cant see share on cloud app.

WD, please do something about it or you will have a lot of upset users.

In every way (except maybe security) the OS5 cloud (and the app) is currently substantially inferior to the OS3 version.

Just a few things:

Lack of file data (date / time and size) in the list view
5GB upload limit
Inability to copy across shares

Also, I’m surprised they didn’t come up with a replacement for the local file manager.

To be fair, I don’t know if WD intend to address any or all of these points, given this is still pre-release.

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