My Cloud is constantly on offline?

I reset many times but nothing improve it remain offline, what can be done? I upgraded to OS5 , at one time it started to download picture from my Notebook Air , it was also very slow to download from my Iphone but now offline always??? Thank you


I have the same issue – it’s never avialble for my macbook pro to do the automatic backups (time machine) in the background or from my phone for the auto-backup of photos. Very frustrating. The only time I can access anything or do any backups is if i unplug the device to reboot it. Then it’ll stay on for maybe 24 hours, if that, and then it goes offline again. Does anyone have a solution for this?

@dtphonehome please collect the system logs at the end of your day (not just after a reboot) and send those logs to support so that we can check your devices system state.

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

Thank you. I’ll do this, however it has to come after a reboot because it will be offline otherwise. Hopefully they give more response than the others have suggested they offer.

Thanks for reaching out.

Would love to be able to collect any datas but all I get is my cloud id offline :((

user: my wd is constantly offline
support: collect and send us logs

same here and would love to send logs but HOW WHEN CONSTANTLY OFFLINE ???

I have exactly the same issue, Finally WD is starting to getting better and stuffs like this start comes out. Please fix this bug ASAP WD

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I upgraded mycloud from os 3 to os5 and now it is offline. It’s pretty much unusable. I opened a support case Monday and I have not received any response. Is there a solution for this? It is good to see I am not alone.

same here it work for a few hours and go back to offline for no reason , very frustrating !!!

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i have same issue once updating from os3 to os5 the cloud is indexing but after sometime it goes offline and then have to reboot to see it again on network. has anyone found a fix for this?


It is happening here too. It was working fine before the firmware update.

Now it is taking ages to finish indexing, and after a while, it goes offline. I have to reboot the device and the index starts again…

This nightmare will never finish!!! Wish I had never updated.

How can we fix this??

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Yeh im wishing I never updated the drive. It was working fine before update now all I want to do is buy synology drive and try to back up wd drive then bin the thing.

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It is so bad that they don’t give us any support. I am sure this is a common problem…

I really need the files from the cloud to work. How can I do it if the thing keeps going offline?

I sort of get this feeling they have done the update to kill off older cloud drives to force you to but new ones. There is no support and I’m sure they will be very aware of this issue but choose not to comment. Customer service is appalling.

@SBrown can you help us?

honestly dont know what i did but seems now to work for three days alelouya !!! I did do a few rest 40 secondes which finally work BUT FOR HOW LONG???

How did u do the full reset? Does it not wipe hdd.

i would love to go back to the previous version. I am too scared to lose my data

did not seems to wipe off everything but I was prepared for it to be honest to lose my previous info but it seems to remain there , was I lucky ?? but again now I had to remove power to restart it . am really confused with this machine how it really function :wink: