Incomplete first Set Up

Can’t connect to My Cloud Mirror. It doesn’t let me to use any password and user name and i don’t know where to to get those and can’t get the log files to assemble a support case.

Try resetting device to factory defaults and start setup over. Press back reset button in for 5 seconds or so, unit will reboot system, but not touch your data.

If the five second reboot does not work, try a full reset. Unplug power, press the reset button and hold, plug power back in and keep the reset button held for 40 seconds. Once you have reset this way, DO NOT use the set up procedure on Instead go straight to your dashboard, http://MyCloudMirror (http://MyCloudMirror.local for Apple OS), you should be able to log in with admin, no password.

Hi ,I follow the step reset 40seconds , Still can not login .whenI use admin , no password.

When you do a reset your stored password was deleted ,so when you login, you do so with default user name in place and leave the password blank and hit enter. You should be in the Dashboard at this point. You can then re-enter your password, save it, and it is back in place as before. Lots of settings reverted back to empty or default, so you basically need to check the sections you changed, added to, etc. again. Just go through each Dashboard section to check and fix what needs re-entering.