I lost the connection to My WD

a few years i’m using WD , but only yesterday i lost this connection
it send me message :
wd sync could not establish trust relationship for the ssl/TLS secure connection
any solution for this ?

Any Solution please ?

If you look around at the many recent discussion posted you will see there is currently no solution to the issue of the WD My Cloud mobile app or WD Sync not working. If using a web browser to access MyCloud.com then the workaround is to accept the expired security certificate, reload the MyCloud.com page and one should be able to use the Mycloud.com web portao to remotely access their My Cloud.

sorry , i didn’t get your answer
what you recommend me to do exactly ?
for mobile app i have no issue , it is only web page issue

As previously indicated, currently there does not appear to be a fix or workaround to the network error one gets if using WD Sync or WD My Cloud app for iOS or Android.

The workaround for accessing MyCloud.com and receiving an expired security certificate error/warning message is to proceed through the onscreen buttons to accept the security certificate. It may vary by browser exactly what one has to do to accept the security certifiacate. Then after accepting the certificate, reload the webpage and one should be able to access their My Cloud device using the MyCloud.com web portal.

ok , as i have no enough background on this solution
can any one help me on the step by step work to solve this issue ?

Again there is no solution for the WD Sync or WD My Cloud mobile apps. We have to wait for WD to fix the issue and push out new updates to those programs/apps.

When it comes to accepting a security certificate warning (on Mycloud.com) within one’s web browser, the process used may vary depending on which web browser one uses.

For example here are the generic steps when using FireFox:

Select: Accept your device’s security certificate

A dialog window should appear where one would select: Continue

On the Waring: Potential Security Risk Ahead page, one would select: Advanced

One then selects: Accept the Risk and Continue

After accepting the invalid/expired security certificate one is typically returned to a page similar to the first screen capture example above. At that point one should reload/refresh the (MyCloud.com) web page. At which point they should have access to their My Cloud device when using MyCloud.com.

thanx for the expanded explanation
for the web page i performed the mentioned steps , and now is ok done
but for the wd sync not yet , the sync still missing as shown below

and then when i open the setting of ws sync , it shows like this

Accepting the expired security certificate using your web browser currently only applies to using the MyCloud.com web portal with your web browser.

Again, as previously indicated we users will have to wait for WD to fix the WD Sync and WD My Cloud mobile apps.

so , you mean it is common issue for wd sync , and not only with me ?

Correct. If one looks at the latest posts, or uses the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) they will find many new posts since August 20, 2020 of people having trouble with the My Cloud mobile app or WD Sync. For example in this subforum just a few discussions in the last week (or two) of people having the same/similar issue:

Hmmmmmm. My app works perfectly using WiFi, but won’t work at all using my data plan (LTE). WD support says it’s an issue with my ISP. My ISP says it’s a problem with the WP app since all my other apps work fine. I’m caught in the middle.

The reason, most likely, for why WD My Cloud app works over WiFi on the same local network as the My Cloud is it does not need to use the expired SSL certificate that is used for secure remote access. Rather the app accesses the My Cloud just like a local network Windows or Mac PC does (using the SMB protocol) or a mobile device using a file manager app would. One apparently gets the cert error within the My Cloud app/software if they try to use the MyCloud.com login option (probably because the app is trying to go through the remote interface/login where it tries to use the expired SSL cert) when adding the My Cloud device.

First level support is unfortunately horrible, reading from scripts, and tend to blame any issues on someone else or the end user/customer who is calling in with the problem. But this is how the game has to be played. Enough people file a support ticket, or call and complain and eventually it trickles up to where someone will decide its an actual problem and maybe they’ll fix it (at some point).

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In this time, I can access to Mycloud with app on my phone but on www.Mycloud can’t.

Neste momento podes acessar a WD My Cloud com telefone? Em algum momento não conseguias?