Wd sync connection problem

I am having issues connecting to wd my cloud device on wd sync using online account mycloud.com. Every time I try to connect it says " The underlying connection was closed; Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel." Please help me solve this problem. Also, wd my cloud, wd smartware, cloud access all of them are working flawlessly.

Hello there,

Try disabling cloud access, then restart the device and after it restarts re enable cloud access see if this helps you out.

Ok will try to do that.

just tried your method, it didn’t work. I think the software is useless for me. Any alternate secure suggestions would be appreciated. I am using Windows 10 64 bit operating system for your information.

Same problem, all my devises are accessible and working perfectly. WD Sync software is a waste and useless software. Use filesync instead, that does the job more neatly.

So, is this problem resolved?
If not, what alternative do you use for similar purposes?
I’m curious about how filesync can be used, because it is a western digital product, but filesync is general purpose.

May I ask how the issue is solved? I encounter the same problem. Chris