I had my internet service updated last week and now I can't connect to my WDCloud Drive

I upgraded my internet service last week and now I am not able to access my WDCloud Drive. I use a Mac computer, but have Windows on my machine as well. I am usually backup a database that is in my Windows environment. Help. I can’t figure out what is going on. Thanks.

When you say you had your service upgraded, what specifically do you mean? Also, when you say you can’t access the drive, are you talking about remotely, or locally?

I have a new router and faster internet connection speed. I have the WDCloud drive plugged into the router. But when I try to back up files it is not finding the backup drive.

You may need to reset the device, so it can reacquire a correct ip address. Look on page 90 of the user manual for how to do it.

Thank you!

What is the new router?

What are the front panel and ethernet LEDs showing?

Had you assigned a static IP address on the MyCloud?

Have you reset the MyCloud after installing the new router (to get it to request a dhcp-allocated IP address from the router)?

Are you accessing local to your network, or remotely?

The new router is an AT&T Uverse router.

The LED’s are showing solid green for the connection status.

I am not sure what a static IP Address is.

I did reset the MyCloud. The light on the front of the MyCloud is blinking.

I am connected to the network.


Uverse is known to be incompatible with MyCloud.

I had an AT&T router before. Mine has a flashing white light, too. My computer guy is going to come over later this week to take a look. I am not going to be a happy camper if I can’t access my database back up!

You don’t need the ‘computer guy’. You need a switch between modem/router and MyCloud. A well-established problem and fix. See this thread from only today (and the one I just linked):

Did you give your new router the same network name and password as your old one? I changed mine a while back and by doing this I had no problems. If you changed these you may want to change them back to what they were and try it.

I’m not sure I understand. The new router has a different network name automatically and there is a new passcode as well.

The following WD Knowledgebase article may be relevant:


@pmoore This is something you would have to check in the User Manual if one comes with it.

I have a Linksys WRT3200ACM router and can edit mine.

A crossover cable is much cheaper than a switch though. They are usually yellow, and have a little white sticker that says “crossover” on them. I have quite a few of them laying around. (I also have the crimping tool, so I could make my own in a pinch… but I am not typical.)

I think you can order a crossover patch cable from amazon & pals for about a buck.

Yes, a crossover cable is cheaper; Jeffrey_Slezac pointed that possibility out on the thread I linked above.

A switch can be handy if your ISP-supplied modem/router is only 100Mbps, as it also allows your wired devices to talk to the MyCloud at full speed.

I saw a gigabit router offered for about £10 the other day: