Problem with WD My Cloud

Hello, I am having an issue with my MyCloud. I purchased the unit at least a year or two ago, had it plugged up to my network and all was good. I recently moved, and finally got internet for the new place, and the unit will not link up to the new network.

It will flash yellow for a couple minutes, and then turn solid blue for about one minute, then repeat that same process. I wasn’t sure if UPNP is required to make it work, as the AT&T Uverse router does not support it. I’ve tried resetting the network settings using the reset button, and I have also successfully logged into the device when I hooked it up directly to my computer, it’s just the router causing the issue. None of the network lights are active except for the occasional single blink of an orange LED in the router port. Any ideas?


Use a switch or hub or second router in between the AT&T supplied router and the My Cloud.

This is a well known and discussed issue that can be found using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. Here are several past threads: