Can't connect My Cloud to new router

My former I-Net provider went away. I had AT&T put in new modem\router. Everything works but my My Cloud device. I have followed the steps for reconnecting, done the 5sec and 40sec resets. I can only get a blinking red light never the blue light. Any help will be appreciated!

If you use the search icon, top right , and do a search on AT&T modem/router you should find many discussion about this and how to solve it.

Known issue with certain AT&T routers with many past discussions that can be found using the forums search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right). See the following WD Knowledgebase article. The workaround is to put a switch between the router and the My Cloud.

Thanks to all who helped me with this problem.
I moved my device (MY Cloud 4gig) into another room and connected it to my Netgear range extender.
Problem seems to be solved!