Changed internet providers now WD my cloud does not connect

I recently changed internet providers to AT&T and now my cloud is not recognized on my network. My P/N is WDBCTL0030HWT-00 I have done everything possible to discover it that I have read in other forums and its still gone. Please Help

Some are having trouble with the newer AT&T Uverse routers. The workaround at the moment until AT&T pushes new firmware to their routers to fix the issue (if possible) is to put a switch or hub in between the AT&T router and the My Cloud. See the following threads for further discussion.

Thanks for the suggestion I’m perplexed because my light is a solid blue so it should be found somewhere in my network. I have also contacted WD support about the issue

The Hub worked. After connecting i noticed the ip address changed on me so i had to reconfigure all my settings.

I have a similar issue, having changed from Verizon DSL D-Link router to Bright House cable network, with an Arris router. My Cloud no longer connects, just a blinking yellow/green light in front, with no lights in back at Ethernet connection. I am able to connect directly to my laptop with the Ethernet cable, and all works fine, but I am not on the network. Aaaaargh!!!
What is wrong? I have contacted both WD experts, and Bright House experts, with no help from either.

What kind of hub do I need?

Any Ethernet Switch or Hub will work (Gigabit is recommended). Or in a pinch one can use a second router that has multiple networking ports. However, if using a second router one will have to disable the second router’s DHCP server and connect the first router to the second router via one of the Ethernet Networking Ports, NOT the WAN or Internet port.

Perfect. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.