Connecting the MyCloud to a different network

The MyCloud was working fine until we had to change our network. When we tried to reconnect the MyCloud it wouldn’t connect. The system light will blink yellow. I will leave it connected to the power and the ethernet for days and it will still be blinking yellow. How do i get the light to be a solid blue so I can connect?

Did you have the My Cloud set up for a static IP address? What was the IP address range of the old network and what is the IP address range of the new network?


Is it an AT&T Uverse modem/router? If so, there’s a known incompatibility between the two: search ‘uverse’ on the forum for details.

Otherwise, check the cables, and try a different port on the router. Flashing yellow means no network comms.

We do happen to have U-Verse

That’ll be the problem, then: