Flashing Yellow LED and No Network Lights

I’ve had my My Cloud for several years and recently I cannot connect to it. The yellow LED is flashing on the front and there isn’t any network activity lights on the rear ethernet port. Is this thing a brick now?

Flashing yellow light can mean no network connection. One thing you could try is a 40 second reset.
That is done by pulling the power. Press and hold the reset button while you reapply power and hold the reset button for 40 seconds.

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mine is doin the same thing, cant hard or soft reset. not sure what to do at this point. can i rip the hards out of thr enclosure to access my data?

One other troubleshooting step to try is to connect the My Cloud direct to a computer’s networking port and see if the flashing yellow front LED goes away and the blue LED returns. If so it would indicate something possibly wrong with the local network/router setup.

Also if you have recently changed to using a different broadband provider, like AT&T Uverse, try putting a network switch in between the My Cloud and the broadband provider’s router. There is a known issue with certain AT&T Uverse broadband routers that causes the My Cloud to indicate no network link.

As rac8006 says, flashing yellow is a network connection failure; this failure may be in the MyCloud, or it may be in the router or the cable.

Assuming you haven’t changed ISP/router to AT&T Uverse, as Bennor suggests (but have forgotten to tell us), then try a different port on the router, and try a different Ethernet cable to connect to the router. If you have another device connected to the router that you know to be working, use that port and cable. If you suspect all of the router ports, connect the MyCloud directly to the PC, as Bennor suggests.

Mine worked using your solution. Thanks.