WD my cloud 3T in a new network


Today I have changes my modem router of my home network. since then i am unable to connect to my WD my cloud. the light is blue (though now it is blinking slowly, sleep mode) but i cannot get to it from any of the computers in the network.

what can i do? if i reset it will it help? will it delete everything on it?

How are you trying to access your My Cloud? Since you changed your router the
My cloud most likely has a different IP address. If your router supports it. Go into the router and see what devices are attached and what there IP addresses are. Since the led is blue
that indicates that the My Cloud is connected to the router.

i tried using the wdmycloud/ link and also in the file explorer, i go to the “network” page and it does not show there like it used to.
where in the router am i supposed to find it?

depends on what router you are using.

Did you physically replace the router with a new different router or did you make changes to the existing router using the router’s administration interface?

There is a known issue with certain routers and the My Cloud. The workaround is to put a switch between the My Cloud and the router. The following WD Support article explains the issue:

Sometimes it helps to reboot all the devices. Start by turning the My Cloud off, then turn off the computer, then turn off the network router. Then power on the network router and wait for it to boot up. Then power on the My Cloud and wait for the front LED to turn blue. Then power on the computer and once booted up try to access the My Cloud.

One can perform a 40 second reset of a My Cloud using the reset button on the back of the My Cloud. it will not erase user data. Instead resets most My Cloud Dashboard settings back to default settings.

If you previously set a static IP address through the My Cloud Dashboard it is possible, if using a new router, that the local network IP address range has changed which may make it impossible to reach the My Cloud. If this is the case a 40 second reset would fix this issue or one would have to reconfigure either their computer or router to use the old local network IP address range so one could gain access to the My Cloud Dashboard and change the static IP address.

thank you, reseting with the 40 second thing helped.