I cannot connect

Hello everybody. I am facing connection problems with my 2tb mycloud. I am trying to open dashboard but it is impossible since it allways says wrong password. How can i reset password without loosing my data? Finally, does anyone know if the android app password is the same with that of the dashboard? Thank you.

only the admin user (1st user created) can sign into the dashboard.

if you can’t find the password you can do a system only restore, see the manual for details.

this deletes all users and other settings but leaves shares and data in place

I had the same problem after update. Couldn’t get into the dashboard with my admin account. And of course no way to do a “System only” restore, because you would need to have access to the dashboard. I did a reset using the reset button on the back of the box (hold 5 seconds). Then had to setup all my accounts again, but didn’t lose any data.

Thank you for your replies, actually i did a hard reset but i was afraid of this procedure because my brother had the same problem on a 3tb mycloud, did hard reset (only for the admin rights) and lost all his data. I was lucky and lost nothing :smile: