I can`t acces to my device after update to OS 5

Hi, I’m very concerned about that, I made the update and then the NAS disappear… I can’t see in the router, the PC or the Mobile Apps… I only use for BackUps, and I can’t access to any doc now…

any recommendation? I need to recover the files ASAP, I contact to the support, but I don’t sure when I get a reply… seams that this new OS had a lot of problems…

If I reset, with the back bottom, what happen with the configuration and with the data?



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@gaston1 You may try to perform 4 Sec reset on your device.

Ok, thanks, but that works with EX2 Ultra or only with EX2? because my Device is EX2Ultra.

It is similar however the ex2 ultra kba is following.

I’ve already tried a 40-second reset. It didn’t help me. It is not only visible on the home network via the web interface.

Hi, I could configure WO problem, but now the device is indexing from 4 days ago, that is normal? is 8 Tb in RAID 2, so only 4 Tb of info and 3 is used… what I need to do? still waiting?