My cannot get cloud access to MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA device

I was using my MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA device for over 2 months.

Now, I cannot login using the mycloud web site or mycloud application.

Website shows the device not found, check the firware version, or reboot the device.

I have done both, still no help.

Anybody help ??

Hi SBrown,
Thank you.

The issue is with cloud accessing of EX2 Ultra. What are all things will be changed if I reset the device?

Do I have to re-do all the configuration in my device if I reset it?.

Now the issue is fixed. There was a power failure, because of that, all the users signed up for the cloud access were deleted. Now I have again signed up the users for the cloud device and access. Now this is working.

Resetting the device is easy to say, but will be bad idea if I have done that.