HWlib unable read HD Temperature

I keep on getting this message every morning for all three drives. The three drives are configured in RAID 5. When I reboot the error goes away. Any ideas why I keep getting this error?

I have experienced the same issue and am actively engaging with customer service now. Initial feeling is that they are not taking this critical error warning lightly. My error message actually cleared after a reboot but subject to the ultimate resolution with customer service I am moving to ensure all my data is replicated on another device (generally a necessary best practice anyway) and trying to figure out what diagnostics I can perform to get better information on the root cause of the warning message. The test question I actually just asked today. My device is still under warranty so that relieves me of a lot of the stress. I hope you are still under warranty as well.
I will report back if I receive any useful information from my emails with customer support.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with this issue! My unit is out of warranty, it has been sent back to WD once already when one of the OS updates “bricked” the unit. They stood behind the unit, but it is always something with this drive! I contacted WD and I am awaiting a reply. I will share whatever information I have with you as well, but I think it is time to move on to a different manufacturer.
I purchased a Synology DS418 at the same time I purchased this unit and I have had no problems with it at all! Once again, thank you!

Hello all,

I have also been getting this error on a 2-bay MyCloud PR2100. In the GUI logs I see the error “HWlin unable read HD2 temperature” daily and multiple times per day. Only when I reboot the device this stops for a few days.

This error was there from when I bought the device back in January. I involved WD Support, they asked for a “system report”, I sent it to them and they concluded that there is no issue with the drive and that I can ignore the error. I stopped following this up because the error went away for a few days (I didn’t realise back then that a reboot was stopping it temporarily). Now I had enough and I re-opened a case with WD Support. Apparently I can RMA the disk, or the unit, or both, but before I do that I want to exhaust all other options.

By the way I am still on OS3, I didn’t upgrade to OS5 yet as there is no turning back. Backing up the data will be impossible for me, I have 2x12TB in RAID1 around 60% full, I have no other drive(s) large enough to hold that data. I do have off-site backup running overnight through the internet copying to a remote NAS, but restoring from that would take forever unless I go and pick it up, which I want to avoid at any cost. So full factory restore is not an option for me at the moment.

I will keep an eye on this thread and also let you know how my case goes.

I’m experiencing similar issues - except when it happens my Plex Server and Docker apps all stop working too.

A reboot solves it - but it’s happening nearly every couple of days now.

Only been an issue since I stupidly agreed to upgrade the firmware to OS5

I resolved the issue completely! I purchased a Synology NAS and could not be happier!

Hmm - I’m beginning to think that may be a good option…

Or start a class action lawsuit for making the unit unusable!!!

Could try this - [GUIDE] Revert My Cloud OS5 Back to OS3