My Cloud EX2 Ultra Disk Temperature Read Error

I experience disk temperature read errors in My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

I have 2x2TB WD RED disks in Spanning RAID mode. All of a sudden the device shows System Under Temperature notification but of course the room temperature doesn’t suddenly fall down to 0°C. It says "The system temperature is below the specific minimum temperature. Move the system to a warmer location" The diagnostics read Disk1 temp:0°C, and Disk2 temp:42°C. The fan works at a normal speed like 3500-4000 RPM. When i check the logs i find "HWlib unable read HD1 temperature" record. When i do a system test at first it gives me only system temperature fault but after a few minutes drive1 fault is added to it.

After rebooting or hibernating-turning on or system restore everything turns to normal with no disk or temp error but these solve the problem only for until next time. Each time this happens after 10 minutes or so i lose all my connection to the dashboard and the system becomes unreachable.

I strongly feel this is something about the temperature sensors. I do not want to lose my archieve in the disks so i couldn’t try changing the raid mode or format the disks. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this and found a solution? I would reaaly appreciate your comments.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I have been seeing this behavior as well. It seems to start roughly 24 hours after having the unit on. I’ve just been leaving it off when not using it, but this is hardly ideal behavior. Has WD gotten back to you on this?

I have similar issue with my PR4100. When I get to that error message, the NAS pretty much unusable until I reboot it.

I Purchased on EX2 Ultra on 12.02.19, after setting up initial & RAID configuration.

Started receiving system under temperature notifications, receiving notifications doesn’t seems to be considerable since room temperature is normal & it’s with in the operating range temperature specified by WD on EX2’s users manual.

There are no such noticeable issues in performance, but power LED is flashing RED continuously this is to concern that definitely there is some issue with the unit it self, after reboot it is going to normal solid BLUE, but again after sometime its same flashing RED.

Contacted WD support they suggest to do 40 Secs reset if the issue still exist they advised to do full factory restore, did both but nothing helped. Finally they advised to get the unit replaced.