How to sync MacBook Pro and IMac via My Cloud

I would like to sync my picture folder on the MacBook Pro with the picture folder on the IMac in such a way that when I change something in the MacBook Pro folder, it also shows up in the IMac folder and vice verse. So far I have managed to synch the MacBook Pro folder to My Cloud via WD Sync and the same for the folder on the IMac but as I can’t get the changes to show up on the opposite computer, I would be grateful if somebody could explain to me how to do.
Thanks in advance for your help

Use the new WD software “WD Sync for Mac”:

Sorry, but I cannot link to the direct download, click in the tab Downloads and then middle row, button: WD Sync for Mac.

That’s what I’m doing but can’t get it to sync both ways

Did you use the same myCloud account on both MacBooks? Same e-mail address in the general settings of WD Sync?

Yes it’s all the same

What do you see in the picture folder of the my Cloud? Pictures of both Macs’ or just only from one - or none?

Ii’s all very confusing because I have different folders everywhere it seems.
However, if I go into MyCloud under ‘Shared’ in Finder and look in the ‘Shared Pictures’ folder, I only have the ones I have copied over from my IMac.

I also have WD Sync installed but am not sure how it all works. At the moment I’m re-installing it on my MacBook which takes a little while as the laptop is old

Also, if I click on the ‘MyCloud’ folder on my IMac and then ‘Pictures’ I see all of my IMac’s Pictures folder although I had unticked it when installing WD Sync as I only want to sync certain folders. But if I go in under ‘Shared’, I only see the ones I have copied over.

That’s why I don’t understand how it all works

Normally WD Sync uses the share of the user you are logged in with, not the shared folders (in public share). You should find the pictures folder from WD Sync in your personal folder.

While installing WD Sync I did not use all these “picture, video, documents, etc.” folders. On my Macbook I copy everything to the My Cloud folder in the Mac finder. This folder is synced to my personal folder on the My Cloud, then. - It all works fine between my MacBook and even my WIN 10 PC. Btw., you do not need to copy files to somewhere. WD Sync does this automatically.

I would suggest re-installing WD Sync on both Macs and only use the My Cloud folder (see last folder in pic) on both to sync with My Cloud.

Yes that’s what I did and now it seems to work, i.e. I created a folder with the same name on both machines and they sync to the same folder in MyCloud (like you - outside the “picture, video, documents, etc.” folders).
However, they don’t sync to the machines, which is what I would really like. Is that possible?

I copy my pictures to the Public ‘Shared’ folder in the My Cloud app as a backup and so I can see them on my mobile

WD Sync should do so. And it works fine here. Maybe it does not sync between the machines because you’re using the public folder on your My Cloud. Try using your personal folder instead. I can imagine that they must be stored in the “user related” folder to be synced on both machines.

You have also access to your personal sync folder with the app on your mobile. Therefore it’s not necessary to use the public folders.

The one I’m testing with sits in ‘eva’ - ‘WD Sync’ - ‘Test folder’ but if I put a picture in that folder on my MacBook it only shows in My Cloud, not in the corresponding folder on my IMac and vice verse

Hmm, okay. The folder config is correct so far. I realized that it might take 2-3 minutes to sync, but you sure have considered that. I am without imagination at this point …

Can you post a screenshot of your “general settings” in WD Sync? Does it look like this, or is there an option to set up an email address?

Yes, I waited but - nothing :o(
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I’ve at least got a big step forward :o)
If you think of anything else, please let me know

See screenshot before. There should be no option to fill out an email address on your iMac’s installation of WD Sync.

No there isn’t

Are you on OSX 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11 with your iMac?

Do you see your iMac in the My Cloud dashboard in the cloud access hardware list of the user “eva”?

I’m on OSX 10.10.5 on both my MacBook and my IMac.

Yes I can see both machines in the Cloud access hardware list

Your iMac has been witched on halloween. No other explanation.

Sorry, but I have no further idea at this moment. And I hate this … :slight_smile: