How to create remote backup?

I have a 2TB My book live that I have connected to my wifi router.  This works great for about everything I need.  I have all of our computers looking at it and music folders and so forth mapped where I need them.  My fear is losing all of the data.  Not so much from a bad drive, but froim say a flood or fire or something that would actually ruin the drive.

I’m considering purchasing a 2nd my book live(or the newer my cloud) and putting it in my dad’s house the next state over.  Just wondering if I’d be able to install it there and how I would set the backup to work.  I was just hoping that I could set something up that would just backup changes(which generally isn’t too much data) every night at like 2am, or maybe even once a week.

Any pros, please guide me.

Thanks in advance.


Remote backups are not supported on the My Book Live or the WD My Cloud.

You can post this as an idea in the ideas section or search to see if it has been posted already and vote.

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Remote backups are supported using WD My Cloud EX2 or WD  My Cloud EX4

So if I were to purchase a “My Cloud EX2”, I could use that to remote backup my My Book Live?  Or are you saying that I would need 2 separate EX2s?


This is only supported between 2 EX2s or 2 EX4s

there is an option, not easily done though… It also depends on the “UP” speeds from your ISP, which tend to be slower than “downloads”.

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