Secure remote automatic backup: 1 MBL to another

I’ve got one my book live in my sister’s house.  I want to remotely automatically backup certain (not all) folders from her drive to my  2 TB my book live in my house.  I want to use a secure connection.  I’m willing to void the warranty on my mybook live but not my sisters. 

Is there a way for me to do this?  If I have to copy all of her folders instead of just certain ones, I’m willing to do that but I’d prefer just to backup certain folders.

I’m a newbie so if you could try to explanations simple and detailed, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

No need to void the warranty and yes there is a way. Not a simple one and you will have to do some research.

Not recommeded if not confortable with Unix commands.

  • First setup ssh and all of the access for each MBL

  • Then try to copy files back and forth using rsync, locally first and then accross each device

  • Then setup a rsync script/cron job that will run whenever you want

rsync is a Unix command, these devices have Debian Linux. There are plenty of examples out there, just search for it.


Good luck!

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Thanks a lot.  Yeah, you’re right.  I’m not comfortable enough with Unix to use rysnc.  I’ll just set the automatic backup going through my sister’s laptop instead with netdrive and syncback.  So, the backup’s will only occur when she turns on her computer (which is not ideal but ok). 

Maybe I’ll learn a little unix someday though it seems like it might be quite an effort.

Hi there, can to share to do it with netdrive and syncback?

I am in a simliar situation, i have 2 MBL in 2 locations. ideally i wan to sync data from home A to B. How do I do it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ll post a guide after I install it.  I have other things I need to do this week unfortunately though so will have to be after next week.

FYI, syncback’s incremental backup turns out to be only for the pro version (only full backup for free) so I may look into another program.

i guess incremental is important?

currently i am using a mirrored backup from my home A hardisk to home A MBL. i am going to have a home B hardisk to home B MBL.

now that MBL has ability to download/modfify/upload again, perhaps it be good to sync all drives at once. implementing it can be challenging though.

for me ideally: syncback has to check the latest version and sync all drives at once. eg. if home A hardisk has changed, syncback must sync all others (home A MBL + home B hardisk + home B MBL)

Syncback free can do syncing, that’s just not what I want but it’s really not that different a setup.  I’ll try things out this weekend and let you know what happens.  I’m not a computer genius though so no guarantees.

Sorry, I ran out of time this weekend.  Will try to finish this next weekend.  Someone else is asking the same question though, maybe someone will post another method on that thread for you if you are in a rush.

no worries thank you for the update. personally i might simply just bring the MBL over to the house with the faster internet connection and see what happens. Yesterday i tried to access some photos over ipad 2 via 3G, connection is horrible and extremely slow. sometimes i wonder does the app actually work or not - everything has to be downloaded, 1 photo at a time!

You need to have the ipad in the same house the first time you use it (and keep it there for a while). I think it catalogs the icons or something. 

After that, it’s fantastic.   I’ve streamed 1080p movies on my sister’s samsung galaxy s4 - only extremely occassion stutters that aren’t a big deal at all.  That has 4G though and the s4 has fantastic cpu.  3G should be able to handle photos probably but videos, don’t know.  If you have a good wifi connection (20 mbps for 1080 video) where you use the ipad, it would have no problems.  It is too bad you need certain internet speeds.  But the speeds it requires is pretty much the same as it’s competitors and cloud storage so can’t complain too much.

are u saying using wifi? i need to be on e move, have to use 3G…

I’m saying use your ipad in the same house as the MBL with wifi just one time and let it stay there for a while.  This gives it a change to load up or index thumbnail or whatever it is they load up the first time around. 

After that, you can use it on 3G.  I don’t have 3G myself so not sure but I think you shouldn’t have any problems with photos on 3G.  1080p videos - I suspect 3G can’t handle, but again I’m not sure.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to work this weekend so can’t finish my backup installation setup.  There’s another thread asking the same question right now though.  Maybe the answers there will help you.

hmmm. i understand what u mean and i have done it before. the app doesnt pre- load the files based on wifi. 

i have had sales persons for the MBL blaming it on the internet connection :slight_smile:

Hi, I am thinking of a similar backup setup. 

I would like to place one MBL at my mothers house. Our houses are connected via a VPN tunnel so the MBLs would be in one “local” network.

Isn’t there an on-board solution to backup one MBL to another automatically? Did anybody ever use that and can report wether these backups are incremental and wether I am able to select folders to backup?

hmmm did u read the first respond? If you follow the link it will provide all your asnwers

Maybe I was not clear, I am looking for a solution with the build-in tools. I have ssh access and rsync installed but would rather like to use the build-in snapshot feature. Would be interesting if somebody used this via a vpn successfully.