Backup from one to another WD disk


I have got a question. How can i make backup from WD MyBook to WD MyCloud EX2? I need to make backup once a week and i don’t want to make it myself. Is there option to make it through WD App (like backup from my computer at the WD Mycloud)?



There’s an option on the EX2 called USB backup that should allow you to backup your my book to the EX2 depending on the file system of the drive.

See page 66 of the user manual


thank you for your answer. Is this possible with WD MyBook Live 2TB and WD MyCloud Ex2 2TB? I found that i need 2 EX2 disks? Am i correct? Can i make backup through network?


2 disk is for Redundancy.

If you live WD is network drive . then you can point the location and backitp up.

Usually remote backup should work. But havent had a chance.