BTSync - installation & setup to automatically start on boot

I’ve installed BTSync on my MyBook Live

   it works Great.

  I followed instructions – now I’m not sure where, but they were quite simple …

   basically get the latest binary for the power-pc  transfer it to the NAS –

   use ssh to copy the file to a location for it to live - I chose /usr/bin

   did a chmod 755 /usr/bin/btsync

  that worked, then cd /usr/bin

  and excuted the file  ./btsync

  it returned some information about creating a fork and starting running…

  I was then able to use the web interface on :8888 to configure and add folders to be sync’d to my other computers.

  everything is working as hoped.

 However, I now want to have it startup automatically each time the NAS in rebooted.  I’m now lost, because I’ve stumbled on other instructions that say I was to create a btsync.conf file in the /etc/init.d folder. Other instructions are different… The I even found a script that would have done everything for me???

 I don’t know where to go from here…  as I’ve already sync’d almost 1 terabyte of data. I’m afraid that if I do a reinstall or let the .sh script run it will not have all the info needed from the previous install/sync and it will try and transfer all the files from scratch again?

  What and how can I just get my exsisting install to start each time I reboot. And is there a configuration file that was created when I first ran btsync, that asked me for a password & username - to use each time I logged in. ?? If so where is it located?

Hi, this type of modification is not supported, but maybe some of the other users can share some advice.