Backup WD My Book Live to a remote NAS


In my business we are currently using a My Book Live as a “server” where all computers in the office have access to it to be able to store files etc.

What we are looking to do is to backup the My Book at a remote location (my house) using another NAS drive (possibly an EX2 but not essential on what it is)

We need to do this remotely in case of things like fire or break in as we have quite an amount of sensitive data on there and would potentially cripple us if anything was to happen.

Can anyone shed some light on to the best way to do this? I have some technological experience and not scared of getting my hands dirty if needs be!



Remote backups are not supported.

An idea will be to create a safepoint to another drive. But this has to be don’t locally.

Check page # 86 of the users manual for more information.

FTP from one to the other is an option, however, FTP is not a secure protocol.

If security is a concern, it is a bit more complicated but doable. Mid to advance level though.

WD does not support remote backups. However, these devices and most NAS regardless of brand, run some flavor of Unix. MBL runs Debian Lenny. So plenty of options at the OS level.