Backing up a My cloud mirror to a My Book Live - is it possible?

I’ve using a My Book Live for backing up multiple pcs on my LAN as well as sharing files in a public folder. I recently purchased a My Cloud Mirror to help make the data more secure. I’ve manually copied files from the My Book Live to the My Cloud Mirror over the LAN. I’d now like to use the My Cloud Mirror as the primary NAS on my network and automatically back up this drive to the My Book Live but haven’t been able to figure out how to do so. Is this possible?

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible. The remote backup feature which is the feature that you would use to accomplish this, is only compatible with the EX2, EX4 and another mirror.

But what you can do is keep using the My Book Live as the main drive for backup and then create a safepoint from the My Book Live to the Mirror, I know is not the way you wanted to accomplish this, however unless you do it via SSH is the only way.

You can set USB backup from your NAS to your My book live drive. I have the same configuration. You create a job, and then run it manually, for instance once per week or something.

I looked at the various USB backup options (NAS->USB) on the My cloud mirror control panel and tried to create a job. I could see the source (my cloud mirror) folders, but when it came to the destination there was nothing to select? How do you connect / see the My Book Live as a backup destination? Do you have the My book like connected to the USB port on the My Cloud Mirror somehow? Not sure how you did this as the My book live only has a network port? Would be grateful if you could clarify how this configuration works for you. Thanks

I don’t see a safe point option on the my book live control panel? This may be because I haven’t updated the firmware in a long time. I checked for an update, the system says I am up to date, but I see in the forum that version 02.43.10 exists, while I appear to still be running version 01? How do I force an upgrade if the My book live control panel says its up to date, and do I need to install certain key updates in a particular order to protect the data on the drive, or can I just jump to the most recent firmware update?

MCM has 2 usb ports. I connected my book to one of those usb ports on MCM. This should be plug and play.

He’s talking about a MyBook Live (with Ethernet connectivity - it’s a NAS) not a plain MyBook (which is a USB-connected drive). They are different products with different connectivity, and you can’t directly connect a MBL to a MCM.

@Jason_T, as @lluna hinted I think the only real way to do this would be to try and mount the MBL onto the MCM via an SSH connection, but even then whether the MCM can see and access it or not is unknown, and you run the risk of messing up the MCM as you’re doing things directly on it’s operating system rather than via its firmware and dashboard (and if you break it then WD may not honour your warranty, as they explicitly don’t support messing about via SSH as you’ll be notified if you enable it).