Request for LAN backup from Mirror

OK I have two WD My Cloud Mirrors successfully synchronizing through remote backup over the WAN. These replaced a WD My Book World Edition (old) and a WD My Book Live (not so old) both on LAN. Now I was using the “Live” to make Safepoints to the “World”, now I would like to use these drives as backups to the My Cloud Mirror on the LAN.

After searching around I have concluded that the WD My Cloud Mirror doesn’t have the capability to back-up to another drive on LAN which isn’t a WD My Cloud Mirror. Please let me know if I have missed a solution?

Can WD consider allowing backups (especially incremental) to be made from the My Cloud Mirror to any LAN location?

Hi, unfortunately the My Cloud Mirror does not have the safepoint feature and is unable to do a network backup to a different that than a My Cloud Mirror or one of the EX series drives. There have being user that where able to run SSH commands for their backup solutions.