How to connect directly my PC to my could duo

Hi, i start to say that I’m not an expert so sorry for the silly question but this is driving me crazy. I used the DUO 4+4TB for a while when i bought and then i never use it much again. It has always been online and working.
I know the desktop PC App is not working anymore but now using the web page is so bad and unpractical.
I can`t UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD folders, only files so if i want to upload a folder with many folders inside it will take ages to recreate every single folder manually and same if i want to download what i have on it i have to do folder by folder, create them manually and then download the files withing the folder… that’s crazy and useless to be honest, at list for the type of file i need to use it for.

Is there a way with Special cables or external software to connect my PC directly to the DUO? If not, if i open up the DUO, are the HD inside regular HDD that i can use in a PC or with en external case? I rather lose the possibility to access the files remotely but have them in one place and be able to use it faster than this.
My Set up is a MY COULD DUE 4 +4TB Configuration RAID1
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None of that matters because a direct cable doesn’t work with NAS. But you CAN UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD folders, just enable local access. It is described on the front page of the My Cloud Home community page and there are videos to help you.

How To: Enable and Disable Local Network Access on your My Cloud Home

THANKS for your help and detailed info!!! IT WORKS!!!

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