How to connect my cloud home duo to PC directly


I researched it online about it and it seems like it is not possible.

I wanted to ask here as well just to make sure. My problem is when I back up wirelessly, the speed is about 10MB/sec. I used to have a seagate central and I did have more than 300MB/sec speed when connected directly. Is there a method to connect my cloud home duo to PC directly to reach that kind of speed?


Hi Omeroz,

Unfortunately, My cloud home needs active internet connection all the time and it is not possible to connect the my cloud home directly to the PC.

Thank you Alex, this clarifies the answer for my question.

I also want to give the marketing department of WD my feedback about the marketing of different product lines. Based on the research and my personal experience, I don’t think there is clarity about the intended use cases of the products. My cloud home and my cloud have vastly different set of features and use cases as well targeted audience. It took me a while to understand what they do and I did not get the whole picture even after I made the purchase.