Transfer only data from WD MyBook Duo to MyCloud Home Duo

Hi guys, I need some advice.
I have a WD myBook Duo with 10TB of data (photos, videos, music, images) and I would like to pass them on WD MyCloud Home Duo that I bought to have access even remotely.
Making copy and paste, with the upload speeds that are in Italy, it would take months and months to transfer 10TB of data.
How can I do it faster?
With Acronis, even buying version 2018, should I back up only data and then restore it? How long does it take? Sorry for the confusion but I never backed up and never used Acronis.
Can someone explain me simply?

the data does not go over the internet. if the my book and the and my cloud home are on the same network the data transfer will be local. the my cloud home only needs an internet connection for account authentication.

there is also a USB import feature of teh my cloud home. you can connect the my book to the my cloud home and import the data.

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Sorry what do you mean with “the same network”’?
MyCloud Home is connected with my router through ethernet cable and MyBook with usb cable to my pc.
So the solution is to put the usb cable of MyBook from my pc to behind the MyCloudHome to get a faster speed?
Is there the best solution or there are any other?

Thanks DrLucky for your help, i’m too newbie!

I connected the MyBookDuo to the MyCloudHome Duo with the USB cable! Through the app the connection occurs but when you play the content you continue to have problems.
Having 10TB to switch to just a few folders at a time then I chose to copy files / folders but simply nothing appears to me.
Copying all the time is too much time and I have copied something in a disordered way and you need a lot more time.