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Recently I purchased MY CLOUD HOME 4TB, the connectivity is tooo slow, It takes days to back up my laptop data to which having around 500 GB.
I am using option "Sync with MY CLOUD HOME " option at folder level in windows 10.
If I copy and paste the folder then it breaks at any time, then i have to resume it again and again.

Is there any faster way to transfer data from laptop to MY CLOUD HOME ?
my network speed is good, I am having 25 mpbs internet connection.

Can I copy contents as normal external drive with cable? if yes how?


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Have you already visited the Learning Center and looked at all the information provided and the User Manual?


Yes I already checked No such useful link .

I purchased My Cloud Home recently 4TB in UAE, it takes several days to back up my 100 gb of data from my laptop to WD My Cloud Home disc.

Is there any faster data transfer mechanism available?
Can I connect Lan cable directly to My laptop from WD My cloud home?If yes how?


Any update on this?

I know the link I provided you works. You need to use it and read through all the information provided.
Here is a link to the User Manual.

This link is for the Videos

You can search the Knowledge Base too for answers.