Slow WD my cloud home upload

I’ve had the WD my cloud home for a month or so. The trouble I’m having is the upload speed is very slow. It would appear that data is being transferred via the internet, and not using my local wired network. I understand that there are 2 options for transfer REMOTE or LOCAL. Where can I find this option?



You could refer to the following link:

Hello thanks for the reply, however the question I was asking was how to change between LOCAL and REMOTE transfer, as I mainly back up via my home network which doesn’t require the internet.



Hi Matt,

My name is Dom and I recently purchased a Mycloud Home 2TB . I had called my region’s WD mycloud home support. These were the insturctions given and I’m glad I can now transfer files locally (local network) much faster.

Via the internet transfer (data goes to the internet and back to my drive) was approx 2MB per second

Via the instructions, it improved to approx 10MB per second. However I wished it would still transfer data at a faster rate.

Look for your mycloud serial number and MAC address (on the hardware) by performing the following. To setup on windows (I’m running Windows 10, for MAC - I’m sure you can find similar steps.) Go to the command prompt and type “arp -a” to list all the devices and IP address identified with your router

Look for MAC Address of your mycloud home. Once identified, you can look for your mycloud home. Example: Use “\192.168.x.xx” to get access to your my cloud home

Then enter login and password

This will give you access to a folder that you can only access on your home network.

Hope this helps. Let me know if this helps and if it doesn, what transfer speeds are you encountering :slightly_smiling_face: