Slow speed of copy my files

Hi, I couldn’t be satisfied copying my files to My Cloud Home. though few months I bought this, I couldn’t complete my backup process. firstly, I tried over wifi, it’s taking too long. so tried with USB. it’s also taking long time and I think all files are not being copied.

today I tried 130 GB of data from my Laptop to My Cloud Home through Ethernet, it is also taking long time. when I was looking at the copy window, the speed sometimes goes to 0 bytes/S. when I started the copy, it was 50 MB/s.

Can I connect My cloud home directly to my laptop or it must be through my internet router?
I cant be satisfied.

look forward for any advise.

I feel mine is slow running at 4.2Mb/s transfer at best so far. I fear yours is worse. What’s yours?

When I start copying, it shows around 50/60 MB/s. Gradually it goes to few hundreds bytes/s up to 2 MB/s. Sometimes it goes 0 bytes/s. Not sure why? I think it will not work if I connect My Cloud Home directly to my computer because My Cloud Home needs internet to access it.

The only way I was thinking if I could open the HDD and directly connect to a Laptop through a USB converter.

The articles below will help explain the slower rates of data transfer to the My Cloud Home.

Could someone explain if there is a way to connect the myCloud Home directly to a computer without using the internet?!