Home.mycloud.com requires code

Can I not use the home.mycloud.com website for the My Cloud OS 5 device. I am able to log in to the site just on my desktop and the mobbile app works just fine. But when attempting to locate my device from the website on my desktop, it is requesting a 9-digit Device code.

Short answer: no

Long answer:
The MyCloud “home” and “OS/5” are meant for completely different devices and run fundamentally different software.

The Home line is basically running an Android O/S
The MyCloud line is basically running a Linux O/S.

Could they have designed the two systems to use the same “internet backend”. Sure.
Did they? No. Not even close.

I have my suspicions as to “why”; but the bottom line is that they have two completely different websites / backends for the two product lines. SO if you have one device of each type. . .you are using two different apps

Want to see real annoyance? If you have two MyCloud OS/5 devices. . .they can’t be linked in the same account. I have my suspicions as to why. . . but suffice it to say that further development of OS/5 functionality has stopped.

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:roll_eyes: Ah well.

But thank you for your reply. You are a gentleman and a scholar. I salute you.

Why are you trying to use a web portal designed for a completely different device to access your My Cloud? The OS5 My Cloud has it’s OWN web portal: https://os5.mycloud.com/. Including it’s own OS5 My Cloud setup page: https://os5.mycloud.com/setup

As indicated by the prior poster you cannot use the My Cloud Home web portal (https://home.mycloud.com/) to access the My Cloud. The My Cloud line does not use a 9 digit code.

My Cloud: Cannot Find 9 Digit Code


The 9 digit activation code cannot be found on, is not required and is not needed for the following WD Products:

  • My Passport, My Book, WD Elements, EasyStore, Gaming Drive
  • My Passport Wireless, Pro, SSD
  • My Book Live, My Book Live Duo
  • My Cloud, Mirror, Mirror Gen2, EX2, EX2 Ultra, EX4, EX2100/4100, DL2100/4100, PR2100/PR4100
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THERE IT IS. Thank yiy, Bennor!