Help with access to the Web configuration of my Cloud 3tb

Good companions afternoon, I took a few days with a problem that had never happened to me it is that after having a problem with my Cloud 3tb, I had to restore it to the factory settings as again before I did and had no problems following this tutorial ([GUIDE] How To Unbrick your 2TB/3TB/4TB My Cloud)
and now to perform the steps as before, is that I have access to the web menu to perform a quick restoration of values and a subsequent firmware update, but as I say there is no way to access the settings even I had the blue light perfectly, to access the home page and try to change the language to Spanish I get this error and no way even putting another language:

And if I try to access the main screen leaving the English language selected to mark the tab of the terms me this out:

And there is no way to enter setup, please have if you can help me solve this, thank you very much hope the answers.

Sorry for the English, this is translated by Google Translate.

If you haven’t done so already, try performing a 40 second system restore via the restore button on the back of the My Cloud.

Many if not most unbricking processes recommend performing either a reset or restore after unbricking.

If I already did, but still the same.

This is how this partitioning my Cloud 3 tb.

It is right or see something wrong?