My Cloud not available during setup after reset via web page


Last night I reset my wd my cloud via the web config page as I plan on selling it.

There is a blue light on the front of the device and it’s been assigned an IP address.

I can not set it up however , browsing to the IP address brings up a blank page and the mycloud set up pages show device not found.

I’ve tried power cycling the router and my cloud as well as the 40 second reset with no joy.

Any ideas ?! Help !!!

Which reset did you do on the My Cloud Dashboard? If you performed a Full Restore it may take a day or two (or longer) to securely erase the user data on the My Cloud hard drive.

Thanks for the swift response.

Yes the full one. I guess I Should I leave it plugged in ?I’ve been switching it on and off so hopefully that hasn’t messed anything up.

I take it the config page won’t be available until it’s fully ready in a day or two ?

I can browse to folders via my phone ( IPC$, Public , Smartware,Timemachinebackup)