HELP: Recover RAID 1 with Linux/Ubuntu

Thanks to the infinite shares folder error, my NAS is stuck at startup.
At the moment I can’t access at the control panel since it says: Power was lost from the system. Performing file system consistency check. Please wait.
From what I understand this thing would take some time to finish, but I’ve seen some people who had to wait days due to bugs,etc. (and of course thanks to that shares “error” my CPU is working like crazy without an apparently reason)
I’ve got 2 of these hd 4tb in raid 1 that I can’t access at the moment but I would like to recover the data on it by using an ubuntu machine but I really don’t know what to do since there’s literally 0 decent guide about it.
For the moment I hope the nas will work in some way, but what it worries me a lot that I won’t be able to access my data again.
PS: I also got in the system a jbod disk which I was able to transfer data using ubuntu, but no luck with the RAID 1.

Please if someone has a decent knownledge with this stuff it would be really nice to get help…

Sorry for the poor english but it’s not my native language.

EDIT: Thanks to a guy who know linux and stuff, I managed to recover all the data.
In these days I even asked help to WD support without getting a reply, no words really…
You can close the topic, thank you sorry for the trouble.

I have exactly the same issue.
Who helped you with this?
Thank you!