DL2100 stopped working. Need acess to the data (RAID1) How?!

Hey there my friends!
I am desperate.
I have a DL2100 with two HDD drives on the inside, in RAID1.

Three weeks ago my DL2100 suddendly stopped working correctly.
The unit Powers On, the power button is always blinking blue and the fans are at maximum speed all the time. I already tried the 40seconds reset however with no luck. I don’t have access to the WEB UI, nothing.
I researched a little and i found out that there is a problem with DL2100 that uses ATOM CPU’s so i guess thats my problem.

I contacted by email WD support however the replies are just miserable, i wait 5-6 days for an answer and when the reply comes says something like “reset 40 seconds” … = no help at all.

My biggest drama at the moment is to get acess to the data.
Can someone tell me how can i do this? i really need to acess the data inside the drives urgently.

They were on RAID 1 so how can i get direct acess to it?
I have windows / macbook / linux machines at my disposal.

Any help in advance will be greatly appreciated.

i was on OS3.

Don’t know if this is a firmware issue.
Since i dont have acess to the web ui, any chance of upgrading the firmware by USB?

Not sure why someone has not replied that knows.
These are just my thoughts.
Raid 1 is a mirror so just the same stuff on each drive.
If you are good at linux, I would just slave the drive and you should be able to read it.

You still have the other drive if things go south.

Hi there! Thank you for your reply.
I attached the drive to a ubuntu machine that i have but i only get this:

I have a readable 1000MB drive, but the partition where the DATA is (i guess) isnt displayed on ubuntu and on the disk manager i get this info:
Can someone please help before i do something wrong?
i only need to get the DATA out of there…

found this, but you should google some more to find 3 or 4 articles that suggest the same

Any progress?