DL2100 Status LED HDD2 off

hi there.
I just got a new DL2100 12TB. It seems to be working fine. I have it on RAID1. The LED on the 2nd HDD is always off. Have never seen it blue. Is this because of the Raid, or is it simply broken. Obviously worried that the raid is not working but all looks good though the dashboard.

I think you should have a light good or bad. But if it says raid is healthy…
You could shut it donw and take out the drive with the light and then turn it on and see if you have your files :slight_smile:

I actually did do that :grin:. Files are still there. But still annoying. This way I can’t find out when the drive is actually dead, without having to open the dash board.
Not sure it i should exchange it. Pain to do, especially since I would have to secure wipe it first.

Talked to customer support. Definitely broken LED. They recommend to exchange it…Guess now I have to find a way to secure erase all data…■■■■■.