DL2100 fail to boot

Hi all,

I haven’t wrote in a while here, because i didn’t had any issues, but now one of my DL2100 units is inaccessible.

It it used only as backup and it is powering ON 2 times a week and after the backup schedule is complete it’s powering down. Monday was backup day and the NAS failed to boot. The blue light from power button blinks and HDD lights are blue and not blinking. The fan is spinning at high speed.

I troubleshoot the NAS from WD knowledge base and i let the unit to run for 10h in case of recovery. I also used the reset button and nothing happens. I also used the reset and power button and nothing happens. The NAS is always connected at a UPS unit so the sudden power failure is excluded.

From WD KB i understand that even reboots can cause failure to restart. I can not access the NAS anymore neither by IP nor name. The Green led at network card is blinking but i do not see the MAC on my router. I connected the NAS directly to my laptop and no ping nor web access to it.

I do not know if i can do anything more or this should be replaced.

I opened a case to WD, but until now the response was sooo slow, 2 replys in 4 days and with suggestions that are usless, like reboot my laptop and so on.

I need real support!

PS: the purchase sais it’s done in Purchased on 6/15/2015 and it’s out of warranty. Convenient enough that only after 3 months of expiration this failed . I received my unit directly from WD and according to the table it should have 3 years of warranty

There is no support from WD in here. They will just suggest you contact support.
All you get here is a shoulder to cry on.

I have the exact same problem and are also waiting on support. Did you resolve the issue?


Got a replacement unit from WD support. Switched over the RAID 5 drives and I was good to go again!