My Cloud EX4 Raid Data Volume 1 not accessible

I restarted my WD My Cloud EX4 after an update and all i get is a flashing power light and in the dashboard it shows no shares and the error below. WD Support sent me a new EX4 to put the drives in thinking that would help but it hasn’t. I would appriciate any help possible. I have a lot of extreamly important data on this unit that i need. thanks.

It was configured for Raid 0 or 1 i dont remember.

Volume Failure
The data volume 1 on the drive is not accessible. Contact Customer Service.
Thursday, 2014 October 30, 6:42:17 PM

Hi nickmacwiz, welcome to the Community. Are you making sure to place the internal hard drives in the same order they had before? 

How many physical hard disks in the NAS box? if its more than 2 it’s not raid 1.

How are you with computer hardware? And how are you with linux?

I was in the unfortunate position you find yourself in. I had a raid 5 array across four hdd’s that failed and all I got was a red flashing light and the message you posted. WD Support dropped my case fairly quickly and suggested I contact a professional data recovery house. That annoyed me and I have some knowledge of linux, so thinking I can’t make this any worse, decided to investigate. The tools that implent and for diagnosing raid arrays on the NAS are very old (circa 2006) and I found an article from the guys that wrote them around recovery of a failed raid array strongly recommending using the latest versions of the tools, presumably because the older ones had some bugs. 

So I ended up putting all four disks into a computer and booting to a live distro of linux. I can only assume that because the live distro had much more up to date raid tools, it was able to see the raid array and fix the problem the NAS box couldn’t. Just by the way, I was careful to put disk 1 from the NAS into SATA0 on the pc, disk 2 to SATA1, etc. (dunno if that would have mattered but did it anyway :slight_smile: ).

The linux distro I used was elive (latest). I chose elive because it has good support for older hardware. That turned out to be a good thing, because previously I’ve had trouble with older hardware detecting HDD sizes above 2 TB but the elive distro had no problem in that regard (it could even utilize 6 TB drives). I think I downloaded the latest live ISO and used unetbootin to create the boot USB device. (google is your friend).

When the live CD booted it detected the raid 5 array and presented it as /dev/md1. I had to go into a console and issue a sudo mount /dev/md1 (that last part might be different for you) and that was pretty much that. I was in the process of swapping my drives out for 6 TB’s so I just installed the 4 x 6TB’s created a new raid 5 partition on the nas and then copied all the data across the network to the NAS.

Good luck my friend - I do hope you are able to solve it!