Help! I cannot delte all the users on my Mycloud acount (Except for admin of course) even afer 40 second reboot

I am the admin and want to delete all users except myself from my Mycloud device and My cloud account. I have tried the 4 second reboot, the 40 second reboot to no avail. They disappear from my dashboard, but when I go to file explorer and click on mycloudex2ultra, all of the. users are still there. Except now I cannot access some of them. Not all, but some. Cannot delete them there either.

What you are seeing when using Windows File Explorer is not “users” rather the Shares that are created when one creates a User. The 40 second reset DOES NOT remove Shares or the data within them, it only resets the My Cloud Dashboard settings and removes Users. If you want to remove the Shares, access the Shares tab in the My Cloud Dashboard, select the Share and click the remove icon.

WARNING: Deleting a Share will delete any files/data within that Share!!!

My Cloud OS 5: How to Reset a My Cloud OS 5 Device

Critical: The following process is Not Data Destructive and will not impact user data on the device.

The 40 Second Reset, also known as System Only Restore, will reset the following:

  • Admin User Name (default = “admin”)
  • Admin Password (no default password, new password enforced)
  • Device Name Changes to Default
  • SSH (Secure Shell) User Name and Password (default = “sshd” no default password, new password enforced)
  • Remove all Users except Admin
  • All Share permissions (default = Public)
  • Automatic Firmware Update (default = off)
  • Network Mode (default = DHCP)
  • Remove all Alerts
  • Active Directory configuration (default = off)
  • Cloud Connection (default = Disabled)
  • account association (default = not configured)
  • Installed 3rd part Apps and App Settings are removed - No Default App
  • Backup jobs (default = not configured)
  • Windows Protocol = SMB2,SMB3
  • NT LAN Manager = NTLMv2 only
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Got it, thank you. Now, why do I not have a folder as admin or my username for use as myself? It looks like the system is requiring me to create a new user to use as a share?

The admin account is the default account. Generally there isn’t a Share for the default admin account unless one manually creates a Share for the default admin account. The My Cloud Dashboard will automatically create a Share for each User when one creates a new User on the My Cloud Dashboard User tab. Or one can create Shares independently using the Share tab. If you don’t want a User to have a corresponding Share with their name, either delete the specific User Share or rename the Share.

If you haven’t done so already, you should read through the My Cloud User Manual for your device. It explains what the various options and settings are for and how to use them.

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Thank you!

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