How to reset or hand over administration of My cloud with out wiping data?

We purchased a MyCloud 4TB unit for use on a project. I installed the software and configured from my computer and my email address. I added the users and and shares.  However, I will be leaving the project and would like to remove myself as the administrator and hand that off to someone else. Could someone list a step by step process to do this, or connect me to where I migh find such instructions?

Of course I assume this will not affect the data already placed on the drive?

You can reset the MyCloud with no problem. This will allow you to re-assign the adminstrator and your data will remain intact. However, this will mean that you will need to reassign sharing and access rights for all your users. You dont say how many you have, but if it is only a few then it is not too much hassle.

It’s not necessary to use the desktop application. You can manage the device using the dashboard from your internet browser. Just type in the IP address in the address field, or alternatively type in http://wdmycloud.local/UI/

  1. From the dashboard home page eject any device attached to the USB port (using the function in the top right dashboard.

  2. From the dashboard, Settings - Utilities select System Only Restore. Not any other option. Allow the restore to complete. As always, it is wise to have a backup in place before making system changes…

3. Once the MyCloud has rebooted and you have a blue light you can log into the dash board and this will allow you to register the new administrator.

  1. You will now have to redefine your users and assign their permissions to access the shares.

Refer to the  user manual for this procedure. 

Reset procedure (if necessary):

If you have any problems in this process, you can reset the MyCloud by taking a paper clip to the reset button on the rear of the MyCloud. Unplug the network cable and power cord. Leave it for a minute.

Take a bent paper clip and press the reset button - hold it in while you plug in the power cord. Hold it for 40 seconds.

Connect the network cable

Log in to the dashboard


Thanks for the response. I also asked tech support about this. Their reply seems a little simpler. Here is their response:

“If you go to the Dashboard of the drive (where you are able to create the users) and then go to Users you can select your user and erase your personal information from it, after you erase all your information of the Administrator user you will be able to input the information of the person that will be the new Administrator user.”

What I’d like to do is create and an email account, (e.g and set it up as the admin. The 9 users would have the info and each be able to be admins. Does this seem viable? I’d really like to be certain before I make the transition.

Thanks for sharing the official solution. What you propose seems technically feasible, but do you really want all users to have the admin rights? I guess if you are leaving the project it doesn’t matter to you

Thanks for your thoughts. Under normal circumstances you would be right and I would limit this access. However, in this case all we are really doing is setting up a repositary for pictures that we all need access to. The individuals involved need to set up their own organization their work. They have been using Dropbox prior to this.