Erased users as mistakes

I am user of My Cloud 3 TB for at least 5 years.
I had a energy problem at my house so I had problems connecting to my cloud.
For a mistake I think I have deleted the users and erased its data from internal hard drive.
Can anybody help me to unformat or recover some files on the drive. It is without use for 3 years. Most of files will be pictures or small videos. It is very important for me!!!

You think you erased the user and their Share? Have you check the Dashboard > Users and Dashboard > Shares pages to see if both the User and their Share are listed? How did you delete the User? Through the Dashboard > User page?

Generally when one deletes a User through the Dashboard > User page that User’s Share is NOT deleted. If another User account has access to that deleted User’s Share they should be able to still access that Share. One should be able to use the Dashboard Share page to control access to the orphaned Share.

If you have actually deleted the entire Share things get more complicated. Do a subforum search, via the magnifying glass icon upper right, as there are numerous threads that discuss trying to recover data deleted from the My Cloud hard drive. Some methods may involve removing the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure and attaching it to a computer and running dedicated recovery software against the drive’s contents.