I can not deleteanything on MyCloud Public

I can not delete folder or files in my public share, why. I copied files to this because it was simple to access it, but now i do not want files in multiple folders on my Mycloud and also not want these files on my public folder

When i look at properties the files in folders are write protected and when i try to change this i get error message that i cant change this because i need admin rights


How are you trying to delete or modify the Share (or it’s files/folders) permissions? Using what program on the computer?

Generally one cannot remove the default “Public” Share on the My Cloud nor make it private. Unofficially there are ways to do so. One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to find those past discussions…

File and folder permissions are inherited from the top Share the files or folders reside in. Generally one uses the My Cloud Dashboard to configure a Share (other than the default Public Share) to Public or Private. When a Share is set to Private one can assign user permissions to user accounts created through the My Cloud Dashboard. One also uses the My Cloud Dashboard to remove and create top level Shares

If one hasn’t done so it is also a good idea to read the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) to learn more about how to configure/use the various features/options of the My Cloud device.

I just want to be able to delete files in public, it is crazy you cant delete files… why, please help me with good threads to fix this

@mahe0543 What device are you using and is it Windows, Apple, Linux etc.? Looking at the Public folder are you using File Explorer, Desktop app, or what?

This topic has been discussed before and how to delete shown in replies.

You can delete files in Public.

Something is wrong with your device, or the means by which you are accessing it.

If you answer the diagnostic questions you have been given, we might be able to help. Otherwise, we cannot.

We need more information to help which is why we asked additional questions. One typically uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to add/delete files and folders (not Shares) from a My Cloud on the local network. If you cannot delete a file or folder (again not a Share) from the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, then post a screen capture of the error message if you can so others can see what you are seeing.

If one has modified file ownership permissions using SSH or some other method other than the My Cloud Dashboard then one may have problems trying to remove those files. One may have to access the My Cloud using SSH to see what permission settings are set for each file/folder (not Share).

I will try to get error mess for you
I use windows explorer

Nowwhen i connet through network mycloud publicc it start and erase and then when finish i get now message, but the flies are still there
So strange

Now i tried to use my iphone mycloud i get
The operation couldnt be completed

Please advice
if i use ssh, how do i write in terminal linux ubuntu to change the permissions for public and the folders and files so i can delete them
please start with command for root, then connect then permission change…

Many thanks in advance

I fixed this issue through this procedure

There is a way through filezilla down in this post too if not linux

i am having the same problem and not sure what caused it. I cannot follow the instructions given in this thread, can I contact by email to prevent boring others?


@botageous Why don’t you just send him a message here in the community by clicking on his user name and/or going to his profile. See example image below, message is in top right corner.

If I wanted to send you a message I would do it by pointing at your user name and clicking on it. See image below.