Newbie Question

Quick question that I hope someone can answer.  I’ve connected my ‘mycloud’ (with the help from WD support a couple of times) and am now ready to use it as intended without having to change this or that every other day.

My question(?); I want to use the mycloud mostly for backing up my PC, USB hard drive, laptop (all on my home network) and my wife’s computer at her office. 

MyCloud comes with a bunch of shares that  I don’t need and will not help with organizing my backups. Can I delete them all and create my own shares?

Should I create a separate share for each device or just one share with four sub-folders.

And finally, the ‘Public Share:’  does public mean anyone on the internet or just available to anyone on my network?  

Hello Hinson, welcome to the WD Community. Currently there is no option to delete the Public folder, but you can just ignore it and create additional shares with the names you want. If you want to password protect the shares for each device backup you can create separate shares. If you don’t need to password protect your files it makes no difference if you create separate share or sub-folders within a shares. The public folder is only available on your private network or to anyone you give remote access permission to the My Cloud. 

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