Newbie: WD MyCloud folders, Only Sync and Public?

Sorry for the newbie question. I’ve got the WD MyCloud 4 TB and it’s working.
There are two folders: Sync, and Public. Is there no option to create a third main folder for “storage”?

I want to be able to erase things on my laptop (have just 500MB HDF) without worrying that the MyCloud will erase it also when it syncs…And I don’t want my storage files in “public”.

I know I can create my own folders within the Sync folder, but I just want to make sure this is the best option.


Download and read the user manual; it tells you how to create folders (‘shares’), users, and give users access permissions to the shares. And lots of other useful stuff you need to know.

You should have a share of the same name as your user, so unless your user name is ‘Sync’, something doesn’t look right. Did you install the WD sync software? If so, you don’t want to mess around with that share; leave it for the software to use.

Thanks CPT. That’s helpful to know that folders are called shares. I will do as you say…I realize it must get frustrating when newbies think everything should be plug n play…

But it’s weird about that name. You’re right, I must have done something wrong. Yes, I have the WD sync software insallted.

When I go into the system through my browser I see is a folder with a cloud icon called WD Sync (in the first left column) and below that a Public folder. Do you mean I need to create myself as a user and that I will then get my “own” folder? But yes, I have downloaded the manual and will try to learn it. (I’m a bit lame at following these directions but usually struggle thru)

I was looking at the manual and I don’t get the same main page in the WD My Cloud program as they show. I don’t have icons at the top showing HOME, USERS, SHARES Safepoints ect.

All i see is that list of files and folders…Have I really messed something up? (I’m connecting from the office, not from home…Is this something I can only do at home?) It does show me as the admin, FWIW.

Here’s a screenshot.

Use this link to get to the two User Manuals, Version 2 and 4 and look at the one for the My Cloud you have. Scroll down and under Technical Specifications you will see the links for the manuals, Version 2 and 4.

The information should also be available in the Dashboard.

You can only access the Dashboard locally. You can only create Shares (top level folders) via the Dashboard (I think: I don’t use the remote access website, or the WD desktop app, maybe these allow you to create Shares too). Thereafter, you can create sub-folders in a share using any file manager.

I don’t know why WD chose to use non-standard terminology, and invent their own terms like ‘Shares’. It only adds to the learning curve. I had a rant about it somewhere…

The manuals aren’t great, either, as they’re not kept up to date, and the section on automated setup is poor. The Dashboard sections are better written.

ctp: thank you! That cleared up 90% of my questions. Now I’m up and running and the file structure is fine.