Mycloud software questions backup/synch confusion

Just got mycloud 4tb. Set up ok.Did “backup” with minor confusion of target. Has 4 share folders, one with my name, another “smartware”. Anyway, had it go to the one with my name. Why is the other named “smartshare”?? Is there any reason since its “smartshare” software doing the targeting of the other folders as well? Did they just have to pick a name for the folder instead of 2,3,or 4? Is there anyway to delete off of mycloud an incomplete and rudundant backup?
So, after all day the backup is done to the folder with my name. I have it set for continuous backup.
Now, I also installed the WDsync program and have that going. I think I’m being redundant. I like the autobackup feature but I think I have more than I want running. I read that the sync feature basically mirrors what I do on the pc. If I delete a file, it deletes it off mycloud too. Well, what I want for now is just a way to put my stuff on the cloud so I can organize it and free up my pc a little.
Should I just turn off the synching till I get things sorted out and a routine established. I’m not really concerned about syncing with other pc’s which I get the feeling is it’s main purpose. I’ll get there when I get there. For now, I want to safely put my stuff somewhere so I can get some elbow room and organize things.
Btw, I’m also wondering if there is a way to include .png files in the backup process to land in the “my pictures” folder on the mycloud. Sorry for the longwindedness. I’m not meshing well with the layout or process of the WD software. Seems like overload for me right now and I am only just beginning.

I would suggest, if you have not already done so, to take some time and read the WD My Cloud User Manual. It explains the purpose for the various folders, including Smartware (for computer to My Cloud backups using the Smartware program) along with the various features and options of the My Cloud device.