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I backed up all my files using the smartware backup as the first thing I did.  I would now like the files in more useful folders particularly music and photos.  Do I have to copy the files onto the cloud drive twice or can I move files about within the drive and if I do this will they continue to automatically back up.

Any responses appreciated, I am a bit of a luddite and won’t manage anything involving typing into the command prompt!

Did you do a file or category backup? If a category, did you look at the advanced info. See image below.


Did you look at and read the Help tab? At the bottom of the SmartWare Help Tab you should see a link to the Online User Manuals.

I suggest you use drag and drop to move what you want to the folders you create.

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cat0w (USA)

Thanks for your help.  Unfotunately my smartware only recognises dropbox now and can’t see the cloud device.

I find the WD software and “help” very difficult to understand.

Hey! This is EXACTLY the same problem for me for some days, I cannot see the MyCloud device in Smartware, But can see it with other WD softwares. Strange !!

Is there a solution ?

(Windows 10 Home)